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Splits and dividends now tracked in portfolios

Friday, August 21, 2009 at 7:53 AM

One of our most frequent user requests is that portfolios automatically account for splits and dividends. Starting today, they do. Transaction view lists all splits and dividends during the time period when you hold a stock. When a stock splits, your quantity is automatically adjusted in Performance view. Dividends are automatically deposited into your cash holdings.

An example will help here: suppose you purchased 100 shares of GE on Dec 31, 1999, at a price of $51.53. When it split 3:1 on May 8, 2000, you'd have found yourself holding 300 shares. Google Finance portfolios will now accurately reflect the split, showing your purchase of 100 shares in Transactions view, but accurately reporting your current holdings as 300 shares in Performance view. At the same time, your cash value will now be $2,459.69, thanks to all the dividends GE has since your purchase.

For those of you who have been monitoring your stock performance, we know that you have manually adjusted your shares. We have ensured that we do not split-adjust your split-adjusted shares. Users' transactions that have a fully specified set of date, shares and purchase price will be back-adjusted to account for subsequent splits.

For more information, see our help center, and as always we invite feedback at the comments link below. Happy splitting!