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Invest Smarter: Stay on top of the latest Trends

Monday, November 22, 2010 at 9:17 AM

Posted by Laura Hughes, Consumer Operations Associate

We all know that to invest wisely, you need to keep an eye on broad market and economics trends. But did you know that Google Finance can help you do that in the blink of an eye? Right on the Google Finance homepage, we have a box dedicated to real-time trends that can help you make investment decisions, or just satisfy your curiosity.

This section allows you to see which companies are the biggest movers across many categories, each on a separate tab. Stay informed of big changes in basic stock metrics like price change, market cap, and volume as well as the unique market insight gained from knowing which companies have seen the biggest increase and decrease in searches on Google.

Here’s a look at what the trends we we display and what they mean.
  • Popular: The stocks that people are searching for most on Google
  • Price: Top gainers and losers in terms of % price change vs. the prior day's official closing price
  • Mkt Cap:Top gainers and losers in terms of change in absolute market capitalization vs. the prior day's official closing market cap
  • Volume: The stocks with the highest trade volume

Note: Price, Market cap, and Volume exclude stocks with market caps less than $1 billion and stock prices lower than $1.

Happy Investing!