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Real-time quotes for China!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007 at 8:13 PM

What's hot in the world of finance? At least one correct answer must be "China". Over the past several years, the world has seen the economy of this enormous nation grow at a breakneck clip. The local stock markets have followed, showing unparalleled growth in value within the global market. In some Chinese circles, individual investing has become a near obsession; the topic is rumored to dominate discussions at coffee houses and at the dinner table. These investors are demanding more data, and they are demanding it in real time. Google Finance has heard the clamor, and we're pleased to be able to improve our service for the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges by providing pricing data in real time.

Are you interested in intraday movements in the Bank of China? Or perhaps Yunaan Copper, a large Copper mining group listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange? Now you can get the answer, in real time. We hope you enjoy your new real-time Chinese listings.

By the way, we hope our friends at the SEC are watching. We've been waiting since January for the Commission to approve the last sale proposal, enabling us to offer our users real-time data on NYSE and Nasdaq stocks for free on Google. Transparency in the financial markets, led by access to real-time information, is critical for all investors. We hope to be able to deliver this information to you as soon as the SEC gives a thumbs up.