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Ads on Google Finance

Monday, November 17, 2008 at 3:38 PM

We've introduced something new to Google Finance. You will notice we are now displaying small, targeted advertisements on some pages of Google Finance. The ads are visible on the homepage next to the market summary, and on company summary pages below the first few news stories. We have worked carefully to integrate the advertising to enhance the user experience. Our goal is to always show you relevant ads that you will find useful. Google Finance is now positioned to bring users a choice of relevant financial information and services through contextual advertising. And as with all of our products and search properties, we'll be continually working to increase the quality of the ads and the overall usefulness of the site.

If you want more information about the ads on Google Finance, visit the Help Center. From there, you can also send feedback using our suggestion form. Additionally, you can read more about our new advertising initiatives in the latest post on our company blog.